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game of Farming Simulator will reach both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch (in the latter case later this year). A few weeks ago, following the introduction of Nintendo Switch in January 2017, Focus Home Interactive announced that the new Nintendo console would receive a game of Farming Simulator. Unfortunately, we still know absolutely nothing about it.

But today, Focus Home Interactive has finally shared some details about Farming Simulator 18 on Nintendo 3DS, which will be released in June in Europe and North America (exact release date will be announced later). The portable version of Farming Simulator 18 will have exclusive content: a new environment, new vehicles and brands, new crops, new animals and more .

All harvested crops, felled trees that bred pigs and cows enrich us with ever larger sums of money, around which revolves the whole gameplay the game Farming Simulator 18 . Less than a minute away from the farm is a small city allow us to sell goods grown on our farm. We exchange them for money, and these allow us to unlock more than fifty licensed vehicles.

At first glance surprising production capabilities available on the PS Vici. Farming Simulator 16 , handhelds previous edition has been greatly simplified and devoid of the more complex options, which quickly became tedious. Meanwhile, the latest installment from the start gives us to understand that we are dealing with something quite different. Vehicles carried out very nicely, to unlock the number of available machines can initially overwhelm, and you can make money in many different ways, which quickly introduces the accompanying long hours feeling of diversity.

Farming Simulator in some ways reminds me of the first games in Minecraft . I got to hand tools and open world, and the rest was left only me. Mojang has made it more literally, of course, did not initially explaining to us absolutely nothing. GIANTS Software , in turn, allows you to enjoy opportunities to explore them at your own pace and play the way that we think is most appropriate. Today, such an approach is valued even more.

Immediately after the start of careers and selecting the first record, the game welcomes us sown field and brief information that the necessary information will be presented to us in the quick help menu. The only interference in the gameplay hints are occasional and short task. For example, sometimes in the middle of the screen pop up informing the player of the semi-trailer full of sunflower in the middle of the city, which we pick up over the next fifteen minutes. When the time has elapsed, we will lose your opportunity for some extra money.

Sam mechanics is really grind in pure form. If someone wants to approach the F arming Simulator 18seriously and try to ” pass ” the game as soon as possible, waiting for him just a ton of repetitive tasks. We observe the market, check the prices of individual goods, invest in those that will bring us the greatest profit, and so on. Earned money for buying new equipment or more fields, and the work is multiplied literally before our eyes. The game features over fifty licensed vehicles. The smaller tractor or pickup is not such a big problem, but to begin their adventure with forestry, do not start with an ax and a plaid shirt. We need a transporter, semitrailers and powerful Scorpion King, which will cut our trees.

A lot has changed in the mobile version also in terms of gameplay. Vehicles ceased to fall and stand firmly on the ground, and collisions with trailers, cars or tools do not cause any errors. Playing the vici works well and looks … satisfactorily. We could not expect more graphics straight from the fully-fledged version, because it’s not what it’s all about. The visual layer of the game was thought out well enough to distinguish from each other the various stages of crop fields. The interface also deserves a separate praise. Everything is intuitive, if transparent, the map allows you to efficiently find the equipment left behind somewhere, and only minor changes deserve poorly organized store.


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The key to the success and enjoyment of Farming Simulator is to find your own pace. If you want to quickly discover everything the game has to offer, have a farm full of different machines and millions in your account before you no one can stop. Creators fortunately did not force the player no rush. From hour to hour we discover further opportunities, we get to know the secrets of the business and started his own skin check, which brings the greatest benefits. GIANTS Software has managed to create the perfect title to break from the loud and demanding AAA titles. You have the opportunity for some time to sink into a world that is opening before you, and do not worry about strategy, and just enjoy the possibilities.

Farming Simulator 18 has so far been the strongest part of the series. The first could submit views into question the very meaning of the game, but with good graphics on the big screen wsiąkało in farm practice and just after relaksowało wycieńczającym day. Exactly this feeling was able to transfer to a portable version. You can go ahead and dust off your Vita, recharge the battery and provide a little casual, pleasant gameplay.

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