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Brawl Stars Introduction:

Brawl Stars 6.52 APK Supercell is perhaps one of the most important Android and iOS games companies at the moment, thanks mainly to games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach or Hay Day. We can practically say that every game that he takes out is a success, so today we will talk about his latest release: Brawl Stars .

In fact, Supercell pulled out last June Brawl Stars, a game in beta and is currently only available for iOS and for those who “live” in Canada . To date, the first criticisms are good: it seems an entertaining and promising game. As a result, Android users are already looking forward to it.

Brawl Stars is not ready yet, it’s good but needs improvement

The idea of ​​game Brawl Stars is not bad but now, on the game news page, we can access a questionnaire that will answer about many aspects of the game.

Developers are looking for the players themselves to tell you what they like and do not like about the new Supercell game. The survey starts by asking you the country, age and gender and, depending on what you put, you can proceed or not to fill out the survey. The game is still in development so you can change many of the things that are in it.

What do you need to improve on Brawl Stars?

Despite its limited phase there are many people playing Brawl Stars since anyone can download it on iOS, you just have to create an iTunes account located in some country in the beta phase to download it and then we can continue with our account as always.

Hide Brawl Stars

Of course, most people half enjoy it and believe that important changes must be made in some aspects of the game. We believe that there are several aspects to improve:

  • The control , very frenetic and complicated, something that demands a high level of skill and that changes much according to the diagonal of the screen.
  • A clearer class separation , there are many brawlers and you do not know very well how to play, especially when one begins.
  • The progression in the game is very slow , very but very slow where the payments are not very determinant either. That is, we have to spend a lot of money. The logical thing would be that users could buy the brawlers with money and not buy money with chips that can be touched by the brawlers in this way are looting the money.

Download Brawl Stars APK


Brawl Stars Release Date:

  • We haven’t received any confirmation News of Brawl Stars Release Date.
  • The only thing we can do is to wait for the announcement of release dates of the game.
  • SAFEDLFILE has an eye on updates, news, Supercell’s Tweets, Reddit’s Post & dates; So that we’ll publish it here as soon as we get the APK file

How do you play Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars APK is a game that is completely different from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The SuperCell title offers us frantic real-time clashes against other players. Each team will have unique heroes who play roles such as tank, damage and support. Of course each of them will have at their disposal a good number of skills.

How many characters are there in Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars currently has a roaster of 15 characters. Some of them will be available from the beginning, while the rest we have to acquire them as we progress and we make the corresponding coins to open the already classic coffers and that with some luck may contain some hero. One of the peculiarities of Brawl Stars is that each and every one of the characters has its own virtues and shortcomings, be it in terms of health or for example speed. Heroes can level up, gain skills, boost HPs …

Brawl Stars: Agile, addictive and easy to handle

Although SuperCell has had us accustomed to games that focused on strategy, Brawl Stars comes with the intention of making a dent in the direct action titles and without concisions. In the play we will have at our disposal several game: protect our fort from rival players or a deathmatch of a lifetime. We will update on Apksmania as soon as we recieve Brawl Stars on Android. Despite the frenzy of the games, control is more than simple. As if any other point’n click will be, we must press on the area to move or the opponent to attack; Exactly equal to a MOBA like League of Legends. Space attacks and abilities will require you to hold your finger on the screen, point to the opponent, and release. Easy, right?

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  1. Rick Narine

    When will Come brawl stars??

    1. CZ-Jack

      We’ll post When Brawl Stars is available on Android

  2. john Wilson

    The game will be released when the official Supercell Twitter account of Brawl Stars tweet about its release date 🙂

    1. CZ-Jack

      Yes we will let you know also when its release and we will definetely post the Apk links Right here on this page 🙂

  3. Jake

    Found some news


    It means it is going to launch in USA today & in Germany Tomorrow?

    1. CZ-Jack

      ITs not true its only available on IOS in canada only and still there is no news of its release on android, As soon as we find authentic news of its launch we will update you accordingly

  4. Rubashka

    The release date of Brawl stars assumed to be on 19 June , but its not officially announce yet and after checking every website on google search it says ‘Coming Soon’

    1. Sermit kumar

      How do you know release date is 19th june? The release date only decide by Supercell and he will definately announce when they launch Brawl Stars on Google Play store.

    2. CZ-Jack

      Yes some of the websites are full of scam but we welcome you here and we will provide legit Apk links for Brawl stars when it is available on Android

  5. George mundi

    Why everyone thinking it will be released on 22 june? Cant u remember clash royale release….

  6. Maverick

    Supercell claims if the game is stable then they will launch it on Android 😀

  7. Raja sarkar

    Guys any news of the release of the Game, please update

  8. Paula Brian

    It’s supposed to be released in 28the of June so be patient if you want proof look on YouTube but it’s not 100% correct I think

  9. Macksons

    Guys you just wasting your time for waiting brawl stars game you will definetely know when it will be released officially

  10. Jose


  11. poerrybola

    Anxiously waiting for Brawl stars Game

  12. robertkasturi

    Still no news of Brawl Stars on Android? i heard its coming on July 2nd

  13. Justinlouis


    1. CZ-Jack

      We will update you man as soon as we receive any update from supercell team launch for the android device

  14. siddharth8

    Tell us the final release date of Brawl stars man? when our wait will go to an end 🙁

    1. CZ-Jack

      Be patient Man what can i do now as the Supercell only knows when they release on android, However we will update you once we receive any confirmation from Supercell

  15. brian

    Still no news of this game on android

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